My trip to Minneapolis to visit Allison

August 27-30, 2005

  After I crewed for the Hintz brothers at the Ojibwe Forests Rally I stopped in Minneapolis for a couple days to visit Allison.

Allison twisted my arm* and made me go to Mall of America. It's pretty much a regular mall...

...except that it's really big and it has a roller coaster inside.

The coolest thing in the mall was the Lego store.

The next day we ate at Joe's. Great burgers, cool building, nice view from the roof.

Then we went to the Walker Art Museum. First we walked through the sculpture garden where I took a bunch of pictures of this spoon...

...and some other stuff.

Eventually we made our way inside and wandered around for a while.

If you think this is just another wrecked Grand Am painted grey, read the sign about it. Pretty cool.

These were the only photos I was able to take before getting busted. Apparently you're not allowed to take photos in art museums. Who knew?

*actually it was the other way around