Sunflower Relay and Iron Event

May 5, 2007

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  On the way to Winthrop we ate some good food and saw some snow:


Rod and Barbara 1-2 miles into the race:

On the road just before aid/exchange station 2:

Trish right before the start of the long hill near mile 8:

Patterson Lake. The first picture is approaching it, the second is looking back on the way we came:

Between aid stations 3 & 4:

Ram climbing up the hill right after aid station 4. If you weren't there, look down the road a bit and check out the steepness of the valley sides to get an idea of the hill we're climbing here:

Between aid stations 5 & 6. The path we will travel is traced in red, and the end of that red line is about a mile away:

Trish finishing:

Bunch of tired people:

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